Octise WiFi Power Backup UPS for WiFi Routers - upto 3 hours of backup, for all 12v routers

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We have all struggled with minor power cuts that also lead to no WiFi internet connection. But now with Octise WiFi Router UPS, no need to worry about lossing WiFi network over minor power outages.

Even if the power cut is for a minute, the router still take 3+ minutes to turn on and connect to the internet.

Best and simple solution for:

  • Loosing internet during an important office call.
  • Loosing internet while downloading heavy files on your laptop.
  • Loosing internet while watching your favorite movies or TV series.
  • More

All this because even though your society has a generator for all houses, it still takes a few minutes for it to turn on.

With Octise WiFi UPS you get upto 3 hours of power backup for your WiFi router (depending on your WiFi router model).